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You already appreciate how crucial it is to have a first-class website. Having said that, a terrific web site is only helpful if your potential customers can find it!

When it comes to SEO, it pays to bring in the experts. Gold Coast SEO Media Evolution is a Digital Agency specialising in SEO Services. Our people will develop a comprehensive SEO Strategy to position your organisation at the top of the search results. Placing you in front your target market and driving organic website traffic to your web site.

Internet search engines like Google are the number one solution consumers use to discover services and products just like yours. Therefore, being visible in these search engines is integral to the growth of your business. With approximately 70% of consumers not really going past the 1st web page of results, it’s essential to make sure your site ranks as highly as possible. But how?

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise referred to as SEO, is simply a proactive and organised approach to enhancing the position of your site in organic search results. Ranking highly in search results improves visitor traffic to your website from leads who are looking for product and services that you offer. This is achieved by targeting specific search key phrases, key keyword phrases or keyword themes used by your desired audience as well as optimising your web pages to match.

Gold Coast Search Engine Optimisation Media Evolution has been helping Australian businesses boost their search positions for years. Using thorough keyword research, best-practice SEO techniques and a tested system, our team’ll ensure that you stand apart from the competitors and get seen by your target audience.

Proven SEO Systems are the key to success

Google applies search algorithms to decide on exactly who shows up in search engine results pages. We’ve already discussed some of them, which include quality, local relevance, links, onsite optimisation, and other factors. But, Google uses more than 200+ (and potentially thousands) of ranking factors or signals in their algorithm. If you want Google to position your site at top of search, you have to play by these guidelines and work with the algorithm. Why? In the event that you don’t, your site can be hit with a Google punishment and taken out from search results. If this transpires, all your hard work will be for nothing.

Media Evolution uses techniques that comply with Google’s search algorithm. Our company understands just what Google wants and why, and our experts assist you to accomplish that with an extensive Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Even though any given strategy will feature hundreds of elements, we pay particular attention to four. These are Relevance, Authority, Popularity and Technical factors. These factors directly affect many of Google’s considerations, meaning that we can influence how Google views your website.

Link building – quality beats quantity!

Here at Media Evolution, our team have specified and detailed SEO procedures to build trustworthy links back to your website. Our team thoroughly researches your sector or niche and searches numerous prospects. We then proactively reach out to all these possibilities pitching suggestions and creating relationships. Our team then produce quality, shareable material as part of a complete content marketing strategy. Positioning your site as an industry forerunner. Our techniques are totally clear and you enjoy full access to our project tracker so you can see precisely what is taking place and when.

It needs be part of your Digital Strategy

SEO works most effectively as part of a long-term online digital strategy. Combined with other marketing methods including Content Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), it generates a steady supply of organic traffic and quality leads.

Can you guarantee page one results?

Our team would love to say yes, but unfortunately, we can’t promise page 1 results for any keyword. No Search Engine Optimisation company can, and you should watch out for anybody which promises you otherwise.

What we can ensure is that we’ll do anything in our power to get you to the top of search results and help keep you there. Given that Google’s algorithm constantly changes and develops, you may experience ups and downs, but we’ll do our best to reduce this.

The best approach is a sustained Search Engine Optimisation campaign as part of your greater digital strategy. Contact us today to book your free 30-minute consultation with our SEO experts and let’s discuss how we can get results for your business.