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If your business need leads and you need them now, a Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaign is the way to go. Media Evolution is a Gold Coast-based Digital Marketing company specialising in PPC advertising. Within as little as 1 Day, our team can create a flow of quality leads directly to do business.

Just what is PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC for short, is a method of lead generation that involves placing an advertisement at the top or bottom of search results or another website and paying every time the ad is clicked. Leads generated from PPC are usually described as ‘paid-for’ leads, in the way that you are’ purchasing’ visits to your web site rather than gaining them organically, as you would with SEO Services.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click

When you create an ad campaign in AdWords, you bid for specified search phrases relevant to your products or service and then Google displays your ads when individuals search for those search terms. Ads appear at the top and bottom of the Google search results page; you would have seen them yourself, they are the ones distinguished with a small ‘Ad’ box.
Online search engine Marketing is particularly strong because whenever customers are searching for the type of goods and services you provide, they are already likely to be in purchasing mode. This is the perfect time to put yourself in front of these prospects, increasing the likelihood of an effective conversion.

Facebook Advertising

Approximately 1.9 billion people are using Facebook, making it the perfect platform to engage with your target market. Like Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising also works on a pay-per-click basis. However, it is actually quite different to AdWords in that it enables you to target your customer a lot more accurately.

As an alternative to using keywords to discover clients, Facebook Advertising enables you focus on your market by establishing individual personas, demographics, psychographics and geographic details. So for example, anyone can specify that your offer for a local innovative beauty parlour be displayed to women aged 18-24, located in the Gold Coast, who have communicated an interest in hair and beauty. This laser-focused promotion results in much higher quality leads for your small business.


For a variety of reasons, potential clients often abandon of the sales funnel before finishing the transaction. Remarketing makes it possible for you to keeping track of these dropped leads and show them specific ads to suggest them about your proposal, product or service. This particular kind of advertising and marketing improves conversions by attracting visitors back into the sales funnel and enticing them to make the following step.

Why should you decide on PPC?

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the quickest, most profitable methods to drive new clients to your website. You only pay when your advertisement is clicked, so you are being charged for solid leads and nothing else. Whenever PPC is performed correctly as part of a holistic digital strategy, the profit to be obtained from converting those leads far outweighs the fee you spent to obtain them, presenting an exceptional return on investment.

Just what to expect from us

Here at Media Evolution, our team do PPC differently. We understand that your company requirements are unique, which is why our team commence every ad campaign with detailed customer personas as well as in depth keyword research. We then produce highly personalised, attention-grabbing advertisements and ensure they’re seen by your individual target audience.

A lot of campaign managers will stop at producing clicks and enticing visitors, we understand it’s inadequate. We go the extra mile, concentrating on converting your visitors into paying consumers. Our company ensures your sales funnel is optimised to perfection so that whenever your prospects reach your website, the conversion process couldn’t be easier.

Here are just a couple of the benefits of a Media Evolution Pay Per Click Advertising campaign:


Having Media Evolution managing your Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns, you can concentrate on looking after your business and delighting your clients, safe in the knowledge that your marketing is in excellent hands. Get in touch without delay and let’s talk about how our team can use PPC to start driving relevant, targeted traffic to your site.