If Facebook Advertising isn’t a part of your digital strategy you are missing out on a massive opportunity to engage and connect with your target market.

Facebook is home to over 1.13 billion active users, with an average of 836.7 million visitors per day. This audience is extremely valuable to your business. Facebook advertising give you the ability to target users with ads. Facebook collects data through users profiles actions and activity, which you can leverage to create relevant ads to generate quality leads.

Facebook offers both Pay Per Click (PPC) and impression-based ads, through sponsored posts and their Facebook advertising platform. You can also choose to advertise on Instagram, on different places around Facebook, and using multiple types of ads including video, domain ads, app ads, carousel ads, event ads, boosted or sponsored posts, and offers.

Facebook offers a unique way to create targeted ads to generate leads, but it’s important that you understand how to use it to create those leads. While Facebook is vastly different from traditional PPC, you can greatly benefit from having an expert to manage your ads to drive more sales.

Media Evolution is a Gold Coast-based digital marketing company, and we’ve been working with Facebook ads from day one. We are experts in advertising, and we understand how to leverage Facebook marketing to drive leads and revenue for your business.

What makes Facebook advertising different?

Most types of Pay Per Click advertising involves learning as much about what your customers are searching for. This enables you to target certain keywords and search terms which they are in order to show them what they want to see in search results. Facebook ads don’t work like this. Instead, Facebook ads require that you know as much as possible about your customer. Facebook and Instagram ads target consumers based on their likes, interests, and demographic data such as their age group, gender, location and more.

This makes it easier for you to target an audience by choosing what they are interested in, rather than what they might be looking for. By getting rid of the need to bid on specific keywords, you open your brand up to a larger audience. And, by targeting people who indicate an interest in your products, services, or niche, you ensure that a larger volume of people see your ads.

Facebook also allows you to drive numerous results using multiple ad formats. With content, product, video, and link based ads, you can create advertisements that focus on many different objectives. For example, carousel ads can be used to easily display products, while a video ad could be used to boost your Facebook page likes.

While Facebook has a lot to offer, it does require an in-depth knowledge of your audience, your customers, competitor products, and your objectives.

Custom Ad targeting for different objectives

Ad relevance is the key to generating quality leads on Facebook. If you don’t target the right people, you are simply wasting money. It’s crucial that you begin every Facebook ad campaign with in-depth consumer research to identify your markets, and identify who to target for each campaign.


Facebook allows you to advertise directly to users based on their location. Because 56.5% of Facebook users only log on from a mobile device, and 73% check their Facebook daily from mobile, location targeting can help you to drive traffic directly to your brick and mortar store. How? Mobile users are often traveling, visiting places, and even shopping. So, you could use Facebook Geo targeting to advertise to people in your neighbourhood and even offer a small incentive to walk in the door.


Facebook Advertising makes it easy to target people based on their likes and interests, which you can use to define your customer. For example, you can use persuasion marketing to target people who like your competitor’s pages. You can also target people who like similar products, have interests in your niche, or who are searching for your brand using retargeting.


Targeting demographics allows you to narrow your advertising range down to a specific country, place, area, age group, gender, or even job. This is extremely valuable for creating leads, because you can target the people who are most likely to buy. You can also create tailored ads for each demographic group, allowing you to connect with every demographic. For example, a hair salon could target women aged 18-25 with an ad showing crazy hair colours, and target women aged 25-35 with a more traditional style.

Conversion optimisation will improve lead quality

Facebook offers endless opportunities for creating highly relevant ads that target exact demographics, no matter how small. However, it’s still important to test your results, test new types of ads, and work to achieve higher quality leads.

Media Evolution specialises in Online Marketing, we have the tools to optimise your ads through A/B testing, to continuly research to identify new markets and optimise your existing adverts, and to improve the quality of your leads over time.

Landing Pages – Facebook ads are great for driving traffic, but it is equally as important that you drive them to a page that makes the consumer want to buy or engage with your business. Media Evolution will set up high-quality landing pages that match the look and feel of your Facebook ad to drive high conversion clicks to sales.

What to expect from our Facebook Advertising

Media Evolution will set up your Facebook Advertising account, campaigns, adverts, account optimisation and management.

  • Full Campaign setup and management
  • Creative ad creation
  • Compelling call-to-action ideas
  • Landing page creation
  • A/B testing on ads and landing pages
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Research
  • Reports and analytics
  • No hidden fees
  • An ethical approach to advertising

Facebook is growing rapidly, and their advertising platform gives you the tools to reach highly targeted demographics to generate leads. If you are considering launching ads on Facebook, consider contacting the experts at Media Evolution for a free consultation. We’ll spend 30 minutes discussing your needs, and how we can use Facebook advertising to grow your business.